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About us

Payment services. We’re more than a currency exchange provider; we specialize in addressing the unique needs of UK SMEs in today’s dynamic global market.

Our Goal: Synergy offers comprehensive, secure, and straightforward solutions for UK SMEs engaged in international trade. We provide unparalleled insights, personalized assistance, and a tailored ecosystem for your success.

Choose Synergy for seamless international transactions. Your journey begins here.

What Sets Us Apart?

Leading Fintech Solutions: Access our cutting-edge fintech tools for effortless global commerce and a competitive edge.

Approachable, Available, and Proactive: We prioritize human connections, offering 24/7 personalized support for your success.

A Pioneer in Financial Services: As the first privately owned payments provider and lender, we offer a complete package, including FX products, competitive finance, and proactive solutions.

Choosing Synergy means a collaborative journey with our integrated, transparent platform, redefining the essence of a payments partner.

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Experience the new way of conducting international trade. Choose Synergy Exchange as your trusted financial partner, and unlock a world of possibilities. Whether you are a growing SME or an established business, we are here to simplify your global transactions and help you achieve your business goals.

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Blue-Chips, PLCs & Institutions


Risk management and diverse FX planning strategy


Market leading technology & Collection accounts


Diverse commercial funding tailored to your specific requirements


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