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Online platform

Award winning fintech enabling you to make fast secure transfers 24/7 wherever in the world you may be.

Spot Transaction

Spot contracts could be thought of as a ‘buy now, pay now’ transaction and are particularly useful if you need to make an immediate or urgent overseas payment. Funds can be sent globally.

Forward Contract

Establish a fixed rate for forthcoming transactions spanning from one week to two years. This is a vital strategy for mitigating risk, especially during volatile periods, and it enables effective cost management.

Market orders

Establish a target rate that our award-winning systems will automatically secure for you. You can trust our market order to capture your desired rate, eliminating concerns about missing opportune spikes or drops in the market.

Supplier payment finance up to 210 days

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Why Choose Synergy

Your Complete End-to-End Payments Partner

At Synergy, our legacy as a leading payment partner spans over a decade, during which we’ve established ourselves as a trusted and experienced player in the market. Our profound understanding of the intricate dynamics within international trade sets us apart. From navigating spot and forward contracts to crafting strategic market orders and meticulously planning every step, our technology-driven solutions are designed to be your unwavering companion throughout your journey.

Unveiling Unmatched Capabilities

What truly distinguishes Synergy is our commitment to taking your experience further. We offer a groundbreaking integration of funding and international payments on a singular, unified platform. Unlike traditional payment companies, we don’t simply serve as intermediaries. Instead, we operate as a principle lender, investing our own capital to underwrite and support our clients. By eliminating unnecessary middlemen, we deliver solutions that are not only efficient but also the most cost-effective for businesses in the UK.

Empowering Your International Ventures

Synergy’s comprehensive suite of services is designed to empower your international ventures. Our technology prowess, combined with the experience of our dedicated team, ensures that your transactions are seamless, secure, and optimized for success. Whether you’re executing spot transactions, strategizing forward contracts, or seeking tailored solutions through market orders, Synergy stands by you at every stage.

Welcome to Synergy – Where Payments and Possibilities Converge.

Save Money with Synergy

Save Money When Transferring With Synergy. We regularly check our tier 1 exchange rates against the UKs leading high street Bank and other payment providers.


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We Make Payment
As soon as your funds clear we will make the outgoing payment to your beneficiary free of charge. For all major currency pairs this will be same day.